The Telugu Film Industry is well known for its vibrant and extravagant films that are eye-candy. Providing the ultimate source of entertainment and if entertainment and blockbusters had a theory, the Telugu film industry has mastered it.

With many commercially successful films that have created many superstars, the industry is huge, profitable, and an important pillar of the Indian Film Industry.

However, audiences have shifted away from mainstream entertainment and toward more raw and content-rich films in the film industry. This was due to the rise of OTT platforms that produced low-budget films and series with so much content that they triggered a cinematic revolution in the industry.

OTT platforms and streaming platforms break through the content and production barriers to produce films and series that appeal to the audience.

Adding uniqueness to the industry, OTT Platforms and their pragmatic content have helped pave the way for newer trends that would shortly have an everlasting impact on the film industry.

With many new thriller movies online, one film adds a new colour to the genre.

Trance is a 2020 Malayalam psychological-drama film dubbed in Telugu and is now streaming on OTT Platform AHA.

By Vincent Vadakkan and Directed by Anwar Rasheed, Trance stars FahadhFaasil in the lead role. At the same time, DileeshPothan, Gautham Menon, Chemban Vinod Jose, NazriyaNazim, SoubinShahir, and Vinayakan play supporting roles. It is the first Malayalam film to be shot with Sync sound and use Bolt High-Speed Cinebot cameras. Newcomer Jackson Vijayan composed the film’s soundtrack while Vijayan composed the background score along with SushinShyam. The film’s cinematography was handled by AmalNeerad, with editing done by Praveen Prabhakar.

Critically acclaimed, Trance is based on substance dependence, religion, and the commercialization of spirituality, all very relevant topics of discussion in today’s society.

The film follows the events in the life of Viju Prasad, a small-time motivational speaker. His younger brother’s death leads him to relocate to Mumbai, where he is hired to be a Christian pastor and hoax miracles to boost the business of Soloman and Isaac. After being sent to Kochi as Pastor Joshua Carlton, he successfully boosts the enterprise and brings it to a global platform.

Things take a drastic turn when Joshua is called for an interview by reporter Matthews, where he drugs the reporter to prevent himself from performing a live miracle.

What follows is quite a few events that end with how Joshua uproots the fake enterprise and brings into light the issue of spiritual commercialization.

Trance is a film that follows the theme of dependency, be it drugs, religion, or spirituality; it drew parallels to biblical references and is just appealing to every viewer.

Not only are the themes of the film phenomenal, but it is also backed by a good story, marvellous performances, especially by the lead, and lucid cinematography and background score that binds the whole journey together.

If you want to experience this marvellous cinematic journey, Trance is available on aha app and is a must-watch thriller movie online.


Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Mammootty, Meena, Rajkiran

Story & Direction:AjaiVasudev



Production House: Goodwill Entertainments & Red Sun Art Creations


The film came with the third time combination of AjaiVasudev and Mammootty.  ‘Shylock’ vows mass performer, stuffed with general and mass audience needy components.  Featuring Mammootty, the film additionally includes Meena and Tamil artist Rajkiran in a vital role. ‘Shylock’ originally made in Malayalam, and dubbed in Tamil as ‘Kuberan.’  If you missed the movie, no issue, we give you five reasons why watch ‘Shylock’ online now as the movie available on aha ott.


While talking about the movie’s story, Boss (Mammootty) a financier who is giving finance to films with shades of dark, he is at loggerheads with filmmaker Prathapa Varma (KalabhavanShajohn) and what follows is a journey into his past and what he tries to accomplish by disturbing Varma.

Tossed in with the general mish-mash are the Commissioner of Police Felix John (Siddique), an elderly person (portrayed by Rajkiran), a caring housewife (portrayed by veteran actress Meena), and a couple of other not really noteworthy characters.

Reasons Why to Watch “Lakshmi” movie:

Mammotty is a hugely capable artist, and his character is the USP of the film. Despite the fact that the Megastar plays the lead, he isn’t the ‘lead’ of the film.  He unquestionably plays the lead. However,the character he plays is somewhat warped.  Mammootty plays a merciless moneylender, and that’s why the film is named ‘Shylock.’Mammootty’s character of Shylock is supposed to be roused by a character by a similar name from Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ Indeed, we have just observed in ‘Vidheyan’ how Mammootty performs while playing the ‘trouble maker.’ Regardless of whether you can’t expect an exceptional character like BhaskaraPattelar or Kunnathu Ahmed Haji, ‘Shylock’ will unquestionably introduce a troublemaker, an ‘adorable scoundrel’ who you will succumb to at long last. Mammootty depicting the rich misanthrope must not be missed.

Well known veteran actress Meena, who got a place in lakhs of hearts during the 90s, has been played in as the main woman for ‘Shylock.’ This movie was the comeback one to her after a break of two years.  Meena was most recently seen in 2017 Mohanlal starrer ‘MunthirivallikalThalirkkumbol.’ As we have missed the flawless on-screen character for as long as two years.Meena appeared as the spouse of Tamil artist Rajkiran in the film and did very well in her character.


Mammootty and AjaiVasudev’s combo came with this movie for the third time.  The combo came firstly in 2014 for ‘Rajadhiraja,’ which became a blockbuster.  Following three years, the combo met up for ‘Magnum opus.’  Additionally, the team’s coordinated effort has brought about some fascinating makeovers for Mammootty. As their compatibility has made hits before, the film “Shylock” also got a terrific response from the audience.

Mammootty shows up in an up-to-date makeover in dark outfits, shades, and silver chains. The character’s loot will entice you to feel thrilled.  The gutsy punches, performance, and his in vogue symbols are sufficient to watch the movie.


Tamil artist Rajkiran was established well with his first movie itself in Mollywood with ‘Shylock.’ During the start of the film,Mammootty had said that Rajkiran is the main pillar of the film.  As he said was absolutely true, Rajkiran played a vital role in ‘Shylock’ very effectively.  Additionally, a veteran like Rajkiran having an impact in a Malayalam certainly indicates must-watch content. Sources propose that he assumes the character of a rancher.

These are the reasons to must watch the movie “Shylock.”

Main highlights of the movie:Mammootty’s Characterization as a lovable villain and his performance, Rajkiran’s role, Meena’s appearance and performance, Director AjaiVasudev’s mesmerizing direction.  Photography.

Finally, the Shylock movie will give you much more entertainment and its watchable with the entire family.

The movie available in Aha in full HD format

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